Lindsey Duke Is Back, Dunk Champion Zach LaVine On Beach Vacation & Handicapped Jeter




The poor Cavs

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve felt sorry for Cleveland and the fans who just want that one modern team championship that will make them feel good about life for the next 25 years. This was supposed to be the year. There was a Big 3. You can’t win the NBA title without a Big 3, right? Right. And then they come out last night and drop 15 first quarter points. I felt bad. So much hope, yet so far away from a title, especially when Mike Miller is in your starting lineup and you shoot 27% from three.

More Vegas history is going away

The Riviera closes at noon Vegas time today. No more butts statue outside the low roller mecca.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Blake Griffin: 1st player with back-to-back triple-doubles in postseason since Jason Kidd in 2002