Janet Gretzky’s Vegas Dress, $21,000 Ohio State Car, Plus A&M QB Kyle Allen’s Girlfriend

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Ahhh, the Monday after a huge sports weekend

Hopefully you aren’t a boss in charge of a bunch of drunks who were in Vegas, or Kentucky, or Talladega, or anywhere in Ohio where it was 80, or etc. Again, this wasn’t the BEST SPORTS WEEKEND EVER or the BEST SPORTS WEEKEND OF THE YEAR. It was solid, but I’m watching Twitter this morning and there isn’t much chatter about that huge NFL Draft Saturday that was supposed to keep my ass inside when it was 82…after a winter when the wind chills were -40. Those of you who need to call this weekend something should just call it the kickoff to summer. Colleges are out. Pale people in the north are wearing shorts. Porch drinking has started. Pools are opening. Summer has started.

Vegas flight issues

Ever been so drunk or on such a heater that you miss your Vegas flight and figure you’ll just jump on a later plane? McCarron International was expecting 85,000 people to fly on Sunday. Officials were warning that if you missed your Sunday flight, there was a chance you wouldn’t get a seat until Wednesday. This will be bad news to those who maxed out their weekend ATM withdrawal limit on Saturday.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

$100 on winning their last 10 games – letting the winnings ride after each victory – would have paid $160,000!