Johnny Manziel Living The Quiet Suburban Golf Life


Positive step: Johnny Manziel moved out of downtown apt, cite of police incident, and into golf community in suburbs

— Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN) May 5, 2015

Donte Whitner revealed April 21 on a Cleveland radio show that Johnny Manziel had left behind the downtown condo that he rarely used during the offseason before his rookie season for a suburban lifestyle in a golfing community. Manziel, who spent the first five weekends away from Cleveland after being drafted, seems to have a new lifestyle as an Ohioan living the quiet suburban lifestyle that tends to calm the crazy out of the youth.

Word on the street is that Manziel is now a resident of the Red Tail Golf Club community in Avon, a sleepy suburb of 21,000, that’s just a 15 mile drive from the Browns facility in Berea.

Donte Whitner said during the April interview that Johnny Football was a changed man after the rehab stint.

“He’s not doing what he used to do, which is just the beginning. So I believe with hard work, with having new offensive coaches, a new mindset, not doing the things that you used to do, I believe it’ll all come together.”

It really seems like this time it’s all coming together for the Browns starting quarterback. He’s not getting sprayed with champagne in Vegas. He’s just enjoying some golf with his new best buddy Paul Kruger, a Mormon.

@pkruger99@JManziel2 look who it is

— Adam Haas (@Adam_Haas5) April 29, 2015

@jthomasdesignig he was in this driving out — Adam Haas (@Adam_Haas5) April 30, 2015


Red Tail is a golfing community in Avon — Paul Kruger owns a house in the neighborhood


Me tony danny and jake are walking on the golf path behind Danny’s house in Red tail and Manziel is walking up to the green 10 feet away😃👌

— Chief Meesh (@MichaelSmigel) April 29, 2015


And now Johnny is supposedly his neighbor. We’re going through property records and can’t find anything on one of Kruger’s neighbors selling.


Some positive #Browns news: Was told Johnny Manziel bought house next to Paul Kruger. Taking the QB under his wing on and off the field.

— Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) May 1, 2015