Johnny Vegas Manziel Getting Showered In Champagne



So one of the guys we’re thinking of hiring for the new Johnny Manziel/Cleveland blogging job — also named Johnny (W.) — sent new photos of Football’s Vegas adventures that I thought you’d enjoy.

According to Johnny W.:

Here’s another unleaked photo of Manziel in Vegas with Pauly D courtesy of my buddy who did Vegas for Memorial Day. And a champagne shower for good measure. Well done, Johnny Vegas.

And that right there is how you get a job on Busted. You step up with sources who send you exclusive photos of Johnny Manziel in Vegas. I don’t give a shit about your resume. I don’t give a shit where you went to school. I don’t give a shit how great you are with the English language.

You have to step up with content.

I’m hiring Johnny W. later this afternoon.