Gronk Twerks On Jemele Hill, Biebs F-Bombs Pac & Ratajkowski In Civilian Clothes

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Here we gooooooo! Can LeBron lead the Cavs to the Eastern Conference Finals without a member of the Big 3? Will the Bulls try to injure more of the Cavs? How will the loss of JR Smith affect the Cavs? Soooo many questions. Hope you caught up on sleep last night because here we go with more playoff doubleheaders on a work night. Oh, and Rangers-Capitals is tonight on NBCSN.

Selena Gomez growing a FUPA?

Gronk twerks on Jemele Hill

Bieber f-bombing Pacquiao

Allen Iverson looked subtle in Vegas this weekend

The Spurs all f’d up leaving a club after elimination 

Jameis thanks Deadliest Captain Keith Colburn

Emily Ratajkowski in civilian clothes….10!

Miriam from Florida Atlantic U.

High Five Fail of the Weekend

Handshake fail. #KentuckyDerby @LostLettermen @bustedcoverage

— StillTheMan (@stilltheman2010) May 2, 2015

Sandwich of the Day

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