Kate Upton Now A 7, Dante Fowler's Spiked Shoes & Redskins Trolled At Draft Party

I’m sure you guys are struggling through work this morning after staying up for the boring draft. Let’s all be honest about last night, it was completely boring. No juice at all. All the dumb trade rumors were wrong. That leaves us with Round 2 & 3 tonight when these draft experts will possibly snap. Oh, and there’s the Hawks-Nets Game 6. Seriously, someone end this series already.
Kate Upton looking like a 7 at the airport
Dante Fowler’s gold spiked Draft shoes
Commish f’s up Mariota’s name
Just announced: Meet the Oregon Ducks 2015-2016 cheerleaders
Redskins get trolled on live TV at draft party
Ohio State fans naming their kids after Buckeye QBs
Megan Fox tongue action
Meet Nicky from Florida Atlantic U.

Philly Middle Finger of the Week

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Sandwich of the Day

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