Mike Tyson Elbows A Fan At The MayPac Weigh-In For Getting Too Touchy

Mike Tyson has become America’s sweetheart of sorts, and a universally well-liked guy. I don’t really know how it happened, but it did. I feel like the first time he really started swinging people’s opinion on him was after his appearance in The Hangover. But you also have to remember that there was a time that this dude was literally the scariest man on planet earth.¬†This fan found out the hard way.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! That guy has some SERIOUS balls. You can’t just walk up on Iron Mike and put your arm around him from behind. He’s like one of those dogs who you have to make sure sees you before you pet them. You don’t touch Mike without asking, let alone come in from behind. That’s how you get elbows to the sternum.
As far as the fight goes tonight, thoughts on Mayweather, Mike?

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