Christian Laettner Served Foreclosure Papers On Florida Mansion


The long and winding road for Christian Laettner and the United States court system took another turn in March when the 15-year NBA vet was served with foreclosure documents in St. Johns County Florida where he owns a house on the Atlantic Ocean. The gig could be up for Laettner (made $61,485,000 during his NBA career) and the Ponte Vedra Beach mansion he’s owned since 2003 when he paid $3,675,000.
According to the foreclosure documents, Laettner has until August 31, 2015 to pay the judgment or the house with 210 feet of glorious Atlantic Ocean beach will be sold at auction. Real estate records show that Laettner’s wife, Lisa, bought a Ponte Vedra Beach condo earlier this month for $355,000.
You might notice a couple names mentioned on the foreclosure judgment. Scottie Pippen and Shawne Merriman have been tied up in the courts with Laettner over loans that were never repaid. As of 2012, Pippen claimed Laettner still owed him money from a loan issued to help buy a controlling interest in the Memphis Grizzlies. Pippen recently filed suit against those who were in charge of the escrow account that held his investment. Merriman was awarded $3.7 million by a federal judge. Laettner said in 2010 that there wasn’t enough money available in the real estate business he owned with former Duke teammate Brian Davis to repay the loan.
And here we are in 2015 with the Laettner estate on the line.

The New York Post ran a headline earlier this month that proclaimed “All these years later, it’s still good to be Christian Laettner.” In the story, Steve Serby wrote:

It is good to be Christian Laettner today. Life is good.
“It’s awesome,” Laettner said. “I got a beautiful wife and beautiful healthy children, and that’s really all you can ask for.”

He pretty much nailed it. There was no mention of the mansion on the beach. Or the athletes that are still coming after his money. Is this why Laettner suddenly was everywhere during March Madness, including the 30 for 30 and the AT&T commercials? Is this his attempt to save the oceanfront mansion?
We’ll see.



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