Ohio State Fan Thinks I'm Connected To Urban Meyer, Buckeyes Program

This is now the second time in less than six months that an emailer has contacted BC thinking that we’re connected to the Ohio State football program. Today’s email was from an Ohio high schooler who was considering dropping out of school to get his GED and then play for the Buckeyes. Kids these days….Urban Meyer wins one national title and this state loses its mind.
In the end, I felt it was my moral obligation to keep young Jeremiah in school and not do something stupid like dropping out to get his GED. You can always just do online classes and play football like the rest of the 5-star recruits out there.
This is just a glimpse into what I deal with on a normal basis for the last 7 1/2 years since starting BC.

Jeremiah sent two videos of himself running the 40

In the old days I might’ve played this out a little bit by making him do some bench presses, you know, put him through a combine. I had to keep him in school. The youth need hope. They need to know that hard work might get them onto the Ohio State football team one day. They need to know that 40 times must drop to be an Ohio State wide receiver.
If I can stop one Ohio kid from dropping out of school, that’s a great day of blogging in my book.


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