Hottest NFL Draft WAGs Over The Past Five Drafts


Thursday the NFL draft will go live and we will be introduced to a brand new corps of players in the NFL.
What does that mean? More beautiful women to look at, right? The NFL players only date the hottest women on the planet. It has proven time and time again. Even Sam Bradford ran around dating Victoria’s Secret models. Women love football players and the NFL draft not only brings us more talent to the NFL, it brings us a new list of women to look at and admire. These are the new WAGs of the NFL!
Lauren Tannehill, Katherine Webb, Lindsey Duke…
These are just a sample of the WAGs the NFL draft has produced over the past two seasons. And it did not start in 2013. We have WAGs from the past five seasons of draft picks for you to enjoy.
So grab a beer, turn on the draft but don’t watch it, just listen to it, and check out this list of the hottest WAGs of the NFL draft over the past five seasons. Enjoy.

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