LeBron Just Drained A Ridiculous Full Court Shot In Practice

Off day today for the Cavs as they look to close out the sweep against the Celtics tomorrow. After practice, it looks like LeBron had a little friendly wager with one of his teammates on a full court shot and did this:


Straight buckets — that’s 94 foot touchdown pass, and he just flicked his wrist. There wasn’t a doubt about it, either — not even close to touching the rim.
I would love to know how much money was put down on that shot. You would think that it wasn’t much. But these guys are so rich that they can afford to throw down a couple grand on a shot that has about a 1% chance of going in. Plus the NBA is notorious for their ridiculous card game bets. Those things get serious, remember Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton? I bet this shot was a legit bet.
On the other hand, LeBron’s personality does make him seem like a hardcore gambler, even though he’s worth a billion dollars.
Another angle:
Dwight Howard matched him.

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