AJ Pierzynski Will Run Over an Umpire If He Has to


It was a weird day for Braves catcher AJ Pierzynski. If you look at the box score alone, it looks like he had a solid day (despite the loss), going 2-4 with a run scored. However, those who watched the game — or followed along on social media — know AJ had quite the adventure on the field.

In the fifth inning, AJ was up to usual AJ things, like running over the home plate umpire to get to a wild pitch:


If it was any other day, that would be the highlight of the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, because AJ fell victim to something no one knew was possible in the sixth inning — getting rundown by Bartolo Colon:

God, we came soooooo close to AJ attempting to truck Bartolo. What a moment that would’ve been.
[H/T to r/baseball for GIF]

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