Heat Fan Trying To Sell “6 LeBron” Ohio Plates For $500



Heat fan kingsofmiami631 is finally parting with his “6 LEBRON” license plate for $500 OBO. Yes, LeBron went back to wearing 23 in Cleveland. This plate could cause issues if you just happen to be driving through Cleveland. You’ve been warned. 

From the seller:

Who else in Ohio has Lebron on their license plate?! I got this made when Lebron was in Miami and now that he is back in Ohio I figured I would put it up for sale. I have the paperwork you can fill out after purchase to put the License plate into your name. I will send front and back plate with completed paperwork. All you would have to do is go to the BMV and put into your name.

Kings of Miami put his phone number (937-361-1376) on Craig’s List so of course he was getting a question about Cavs fans.



Still interested? Give the guy a call.