Jose Canseco on Alex Rodriguez: “He’s the man.”

Alex Rodriguez is off to such a terrific start this season that he has people other than Yankees fans jumping on his bandwagon. His offseason training partner, Barry Bonds, is definitely on board, telling the USA Today he can’t wait to celebrate Rodriguez’s 660th home run.

But Bonds isn’t the only former roider excited about Rodriguez. Jose Canseco tweeted the following last Friday:

Alex Rodriguez 40 + homers 120 + rbi 333 bat.ave….steroids are overrated. He's the man

— Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) April 18, 2015

In the event you don’t care about the first month of baseball, Rodriguez blasted a 477-foot home run against the Rays the night of Jose’s tweet.

As for the tweet, we all know Jose is full of BS. Obviously he isn’t a fan of the dude who allegedly wanted to bang his wife. Oh, and Jose might’ve called Rodriguez a “p****” and challenged him to a fight back in 2014.