Georgia Tech Is Teaching International Students The Game Of Football, Which Is Probably The Worst School To Learn From

On Thursday, Georgia Tech held a clinic teaching all of its international, future scientist and engineer students how to play the game of football.

As an intern at BC, I’m still in college. I happen to go to a college in Georgia. That college happens to be the University of Georgia. With that said, what I am about to say is completely unbiased. I swear.
Of all the schools in America that have football teams. Georgia Tech is literally the worst school out of all them to learn the game of football. Why? Because they run the triple option that’s why. Meaning they don’t throw the ball — ever. And what has everyone been saying for about the last 10-15 years about football? That it has become a passing game. You need a quarterback to win, you need a quarterback who can make all of the throws — and it’s absolutely true.
I feel bad for these kids. They’re learning all of the wrong things. Instead of learning what a post route is, they’re learning how to fake a hand-off, read the defensive end, and know whether to pitch or not. While real programs are slanging the rock all over the field and being exciting, this team is running the effin wishbone like it’s 1947.
You don’t go to Georgia Tech to learn football, you go there to learn chemical engineering or some shit.
This isn’t the first time a school has done this. Rice has done this for a few years now. And I’m okay with that, because they actually play real football and throw the ball. Those kids learn stuff. Not saying Rice is actually good or anything, but you get the point.

Also, I don’t care if Georgia Tech won the Orange Bowl last year. They still run the most unwatchable offense of all time and will never win a National Championship with it. Completely unbiased opinion.

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