Buy A Basic Iowa State Tailgating Bus – $7,500

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There are two states — Ohio and Iowa — that take their school/team themed buses and tailgating rides way more seriously than the rest of the United States. Why? There’s no scientific evidence why this is the case. Maybe it has to do with the ability to store these beasts in barns. What’s clear is that both states feature some of the best tailgating rides in the business. We’ve posted┬áseveral Iowa Hawkeyes rides, so it’s only fair that Iowa State gets in on the action.

Here we have a 1993 Ford E350 bus with 250,000 miles and will hold 14-16 passengers. The price: $7,500.

From the seller:

Tires are 85-90%
No oil leaks or oil used
New treated wood floor with aluminum diamond tread plating
CD player with (2) 10″ Alpine sub’s
Newer batteries
Chrome wheel simulators
Automatic transmission
Exterior has ISU decals

The price is high. Let’s just be honest here. I don’t see TVs. I don’t see anything on the interior that makes me want to spend $7,500. No TVs. No kitchen. Nothing. Here’s where you low-ball with an offer and wait for the guy to get desperate and call you back. Take the savings and reconfigure the interior in time for Northern Iowa on September 5.

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