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Now that the Britt McHenry story has had its 15 minutes…

…we can start to dig into the news here just a little bit. Why would the towing company lady she berated go into hiding? I’m confused by this part of the story. The lady has as much sympathy as anyone in the world right now. She could surface and someone would create a Go Fund Me account that would make so much money that she would never have to work at the towing company again. Gina Michelle even deleted her Facebook account. This is completely strange behavior. She worked her ass off for 10 days to get the story out and now she disappears. At least make some sympathy money off your situation. Americans love a good sympathy story. The Today Show, CNN and Fox & Friends would treat you like a huge celebrity. Think about it Gina Michelle. Surface on Monday morning and make some money.

Want to play actual coin slot machines in Vegas? 

You’ll have to drive to Railroad Pass where the place has been renovated and they’re still using coin slots. Then go to Hoover Dam and go on a tour.

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