This Michigan Tailgate Bus is Very Anti-Ohio State — $7,200


The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has seen some coverage this offseason thanks to a certain fire hydrant located on the grounds of Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Oh, and Michigan fans being jazzed beyond belief about their acquisition of Jim Harbaugh helps too.

Because of this, now is the perfect time for Michigan students to jump on the opportunity to take home a 1999 GMC Michigan tailgate bus. It’s loaded with tons of anti-Ohio State sentiment aimed at Jim Tressel:


As far as the details, here’s information from the seller:

For All you sports fans That love to tailgate at football games and other events this is the bus for you! 1999 GMC in great shape. New engine installed 2013 tires last year and much more. been repainted completely gutted inside with all new wood floors, captain seats, refrigerator and TV. Bus was purchased at school auction shortly after replacing the air conditioning unit. Everything works and additional details below. Any questions or need additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And some technical specs:

– All brake lines were replaced in 7/2014
– All fluids were checked along with a new air filter, motor oil were changed in 7/2014 (transmission/brake fluids, coolant/power steering fluid)
– Steering linkage checked in 7/2014
– Odometer: 182,625 at this time (7/2014)
– Wheel bearings were re-packed in 7/2014
– New gas engine install (diesel replace)
– New engine and install, approx. $4,000 (I can get the receipts if needed)
– New tires less than one year old, approx. $900 (I can get the receipts if needed)
– New tv
– Set up currently for Satalite radios

If you have the money, this should be an easy buy. Yes, there are unfortunate Brady Hoke stickers plastered all over the rear, but other than that, the bus is good to go. As an added bonus, it looks like this is the rare trustworthy Craigslist seller who’s willing to dig up receipts for the buyer. Always a plus.

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