Jameis Wore A Crab ‘Wizard’ Hat In Tampa This Weekend [UPDATE]


Jameis Winston got comfortable in his new home of Tampa this weekend by playing some cornhole and hanging out with Buccaneers fans. Former Bucs stud QB Shaun King was there to lend some advice on what it takes to win in Tampa. Fans were able to play cornhole with the new starting QB. There were pictures to take. Even Lovie Smith was at the event at one point.

The other big news: Jameis wore a crab “Wizard” hat. Makes sense.

I played bags against Jameis Winston last night. I talked smack, but lost the game. Another win for @Jaboowins! pic.twitter.com/1x0wyPFb3l

— Charley Belcher FOX (@CharleyBelcher) April 11, 2015

#1 Overall Just Endorsed Cornhole Bags

@Jaboowins it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for time, best wishes and keep working on those Cornhole skills pic.twitter.com/lqgKo4yWxy — BagBoards Cornhole (@BagBoards) April 13, 2015

Tampa fans are smitten

Nothing says Friday night like cornhole with @Jaboowins. #NoleNation #seminolepride pic.twitter.com/l2u52iBn8W — Kelly McCall (@KellyGMac) April 11, 2015

Someone get Shaun King a football

@realshaunking and @Jaboowins#mikeallstotpic.twitter.com/OAuhRBP2bt

— Faith King (@faithlking) April 11, 2015

Update: Captain Keith was in Tampa for the Alstott event. So Jameis got a hat.

Update: Jameis did get his hat from the @CrabWizard crew pic.twitter.com/hpfQHQODjF

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 13, 2015