Rare Black Dude In Mud Hens Gear Wanted For University Of Toledo Bookstore Heist

I know a thing or two about the Toledo Mud Hens. I’ve been to a couple games. I see their commercials littered with happy white people. I go to the bars around the ballpark. You know what you rarely see? A black dude covered in Mud Hens gear. That has to be one of the least ‘hood looks in ‘hood history.┬áMud Hens games are littered with suburban parents who’ve ventured to the “city” with their kids and the not-yet-married Gen Y crowd who stay for 3-4 innings before hitting a bar outside the ballpark where they brag about the new microbrew they’ve been drinking.
Black dudes are extremely rare anywhere near Fifth Third Field, unless they’re working in the suites where the local car company execs come to party and try to hookup with the recently divorced hot mom who drives a sweet Lexus.
So here we have the Rare Black Dude (allegedly) pulling a heist at the University of Toledo campus Barnes and Noble. University cops are looking for two suspects. Be on the lookout for the one in full Mud Hens gear. Opening Day in Toledo is April 16; it’s a doubleheader.
Know the Rare Black Dude? Contact UT police.


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