Oakland Coliseum Had Opening Day Plumbing Issues


Try staring at that urinal pond for like 10 minutes. See how long you can take it before you want to vomit. Less than a minute? Look what we have here — like Wrigley — urinal issues at the Oakland Coliseum on Opening Day.

Eh, no big deal. At least the lines didn’t seem to be as long as what Cubs fans dealt with on Sunday night. So you had to take a leak into a urine pond. No biggie. What guy hasn’t done that at least once in his life?

So the trough didn’t work. At least the new 36 X 145 scoreboard that Coliseum management invested in works.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Cubs have brought in reinforcements for tonight’s game. Looks like this will be a super convenient situation for fans. There better be a beer kiosk outside those port-o-johns.

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