Erin Andrews Stuffs Another ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Hater



It’s Tuesday, which can only mean one thing: old people who watched Monday’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars” complain about Erin Andrews on Twitter. Yes, I too am shocked at the amount of hate EA’s receiving from the 55+ demo, but when old people are down with technology, that’s just the nature of the game.

This week, a viewer wasn’t pleased with the questions EA lobbed at the couples:

We all know EA was a former contestant on this show, so it seems like if anyone had a solid gauge of what to ask, it’d be her. She fired back this spicy retort (with typo):

It’s too bad Michael Sam was just eliminated, otherwise we could’ve seen EA question him about Indiana’s Religious Freedom law after dancing the Jitterbug! What scintillating television that would’ve been.

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