Britt McHenry Firing On All Cylinders On Opening Day

Remember when all of us thought that Erin Andrews wearing dresses to baseball games was a big deal? If we’re to believe what Britt McHenry is telling us today with this dress, she’s about to go on a Pageviews-like heater this summer. Seriously, it’s April 6 in D.C. and it’s 77 degrees. It’s like the baseball gods are paying us back for the shitty winter weather.

Live shots continue from #Nats Park on ESPN.

— Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry) April 6, 2015

The big difference between Pageviews and McHenry is that one can actually report, while the other did like five things a game and called it work.

Thanks for the pic @BrittMcHenry. Really loved following your work during 🏈, but its even better now its ⚾️ season.

— Ryan Henry (@ryanhenry44) April 6, 2015

Always wonderful seeing the lovely @BrittMcHenry back in #DC at #Nats Park for our @Nationals#OpeningDay! ⚾️⚾️⚾️

— NatsNatitude (@NatsNatitude) April 6, 2015

Did ESPN ever put Pageviews on the morning SportsCenter? No, because she couldn’t actually report.

#Reasonswhyweloveopeningday Britt McHenry!

— Mitchell Garon (@MITCHg11) April 6, 2015