Bonds’ Dog Needs PEDs, Verlander-Upton DL Fun & Harper’s Man Bun

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I’ll take Wisconsin

Of course Duke has a bunch of NBA talent and already beat Wisconsin – in Madison – earlier this season, but it just feels that this is the Badgers year. They’re going to get a call. They’re going to make a shot after the shot clock expires and the refs won’t wave it off. Something. Then you’re going to have Sleepy Frank all over on Tuesday morning. He’ll get a spot on Kimmel. Letterman will probably get Dekker and Frank the Tank. Just have a feeling today.

The sad side of Vegas

A guy tried to kill himself at the M Resort buffet this weekend.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

In Tax Year 2013, per the Franchise Tax Board, collected $85.2M in tax revenue from pro baseball players