Bama Fan Wanted For Ripping Off Alabama Jewelry Store



There not much more disgusting in Alabama than a Bama fan ripping off a jewelry store on Easter weekend. Horrible. Not how Jesus wants you to live your life. So disrespectful.

Jeff Dennis Jewelers in Gardendale, a northern suburb of Birmingham, was ripped off Saturday afternoon by this guy you see wearing a Bama hat and his chick, according to the owner. It was a $20,000 haul.

From WVTM:

“My store’s been broken into before,” Dennis says. “It’s Easter man. I mean, we’re forgiven, I forgive them. You know, it’s stuff. Don’t go to hell over stuff.”

The good news here for Dennis is that it shouldn’t take long for Bama fan to be brought to justice. The locals are sharing the jewelry store Facebook posts like crazy. Tips are coming in like crazy. Bama fan will go down sometime today or Tuesday.