Michael Phelps' Sidechick Posts A Mirror Selfie Of Him And Tags His Fiance

If you remember, a little over a month ago I wrote that Michael Phelps got engaged to Nicole Johnson. After a spat with a chick who turned about to be a dude, he finally found the girl of his dreams and got engaged. Well, now it appears Phelps has a sidechick and she is putting him on blast while tagging his fiance in the process.

Now we aren’t positive this is him, Geeks and Cleats first reported it saying:

Michael Phelps meets some crazy women (well, one’s a tran–nvm) but the latest crazy ‘ex’ story comes one of his alleged salty sidechicks mad at him getting engaged and tooks revenge by posting this shirtless pic of him and calling out his fiance. These are savage times.

If it does happen to be him, I just don’t understand how you get caught doing this kind of stuff. How about just don’t send mirror selfies when your engaged? I mean do these athletes know the internet exists? Things like this happen all of the time and they never learn. You should know as a world class athlete and 18 time gold medal winner that if you publicly get engaged, your selfies behind your fiance’s back are going to eventually get out.
Or, he just might not care and was just trying to get a little side action and really regrets getting engaged in the first place.

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