35 Great Moments From Wrestlemania 31



Again, I didn’t watch a second of Wrestlemania 31 because I didn’t want to purchase the WWE Channel for $10, which would’ve then been put on a recurring charge that I would’ve forgotten about. It’s not that I didn’t care about this cultural phenomenon taking place. I love this event because fans make great signs and it reminds me of going to GameDays, but the good signs are actually let into Wrestlemania.

I’m also a sucker for the guys who dress up like Macho Man. Or Hollywood Hogan. Or Sheik. I’ve seen hundreds of photos of guys in their 30s dressed as Hulk and I stop every single time. I take a second to take it all in.

This year I even found a guy who dressed as Paul Bearer. And a family that brought their 4-month-old daughter. And people who took the Wrestlemania folding chairs┬ábut didn’t realize they’d have to check them on a plane.

I don’t have to pay to watch Wrestlemania. These photos tell me all I need to know.