I Have Zero Issues With Cam Newton Wearing Uggs For A Flight

You won’t see me busting Cam Newton’s balls over wearing Uggs on a flight today. Not me. I need this guy in prime shape for next season and to start building a legacy in the NFL. I have an investment in the guy and I need him to become a legend. If Uggs are comfortable to him on a flight, I’m cool.

Cam Newton is that guy who wears Uggs 😂 pic.twitter.com/YPhaSNYV4P

— Connor Bealmear (@Comedian_Connor) April 2, 2015

Remember, I dropped $1,525 for Cam’s BCS game pants way back in 2011. I’m sitting on those things just hoping for a couple of things: (A.) Some crazy wealthy Auburn grad comes along and wants those pants real bad; (B.) Cam goes on a roll with the Panthers and gets the team to a Super Bowl. I’ve already been offered well over my initial investment so this is all gravy at this point.

Cam needs to take care of his feet. Get comfortable. Do what you need to do on a plane to stay sharp.

I’m actually more concerned that my boy was wearing this last week.