Flab and Hilarious Overthrow Highlight Jameis Winston’s Pro Day

Today was a big day for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as he got the opportunity to silence the haters on his Pro Day. Well, that was the goal at least.

As you can see below, his physique did not magically become ripped, sporting the much talked about man handles:

The guy has been working out with Whitfield for 2 months & still has cans pic.twitter.com/0ln6Pm1YDT

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) March 31, 2015

Then he actually started throwing, which was an adventure for the one receiver who was led right into a bunch of ESPN equipment:

To Jameis’ credit, this one should have been caught:

Flab and that one bad overthrow aside, Jameis did complete a good percentage of his passes:

Jameis Winston threw 102 passes, 91 completions. That includes five drops.

— Tim Linafelt / FSU (@Tim_Linafelt) March 31, 2015

And celebrated skrong like only Famous can: