Troll The Clippers with Draymond Green’s ‘Cool Story, Glenn’ Shirts

You may recall that earlier this month Draymond Green and Dahntay Jones got into a little tiff over “a bump.” It seemed stupid, but the Clippers and Warriors hate each other, so it naturally progressed into a thing to add more fuel to a rare NBA rivalry.
Doc Rivers didn’t think much of it, and low key chastised Draymond, saying Jones’ bump was too “violent.”
Draymond’s retort was a classic one:

Since that comment, we haven’t heard much from Doc or Draymond … until now.
According to Inside the Warriors’ Diamond Leung, Draymond approved “Cool Story, Glenn” shirts in time for the Warriors and Clippers’ final regular season game on March 31:

“I approved it,” Green said Friday, the morning after the release of the line of “Cool Story, Glenn” shirts on Athlete Originals that includes three different designs. “A lot of fans kept asking me for it, so the person who runs my store thought that it would be a good idea.

Taking a glance at them, they’re not as insulting as you’d expect. One could even argue that the shirt would’ve been cooler with “Cool Story, Glenn” text alone:
Meh design aside, you can expect to see a bunch of these should the Clippers and Warriors face each other in the playoffs.

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Blake Griffin Throwing Some Playful Shade at Austin Rivers’ Game
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