Blake Griffin Throwing Some Playful Shade at Austin Rivers’ Game

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When the Los Angeles Clippers traded for Austin Rivers, Doc Rivers was rightfully panned for the move and deserved every nepotism joke. However, the former Duke guard has been okay in his role as backup point guard. One could even say he’s been a huge upgrade from Jordan Farmar.
Still, there are some infuriating aspects of Austin’s game. For example, the guy actually has a decent first move and can get to the rim … only to brick his floater more times than not.
Blake Griffin has apparently paid close attention to this, and broke out his Doc Jr. in Philly. A master comedian, Blake nailed everything: faux play call, wave off, crossover, and floater to the sky.
This isn’t the first time Austin has been ribbed my his mates. You may recall this postgame interview last month:
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Sure looks like fun to be the coach’s kid!

Closeup Of Tatted Kentucky Fan's Face
Closeup Of Tatted Kentucky Fan's Face
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