Browns Fan Selling His Sad Tailgating Box Truck — $4,000



Think of all the sadness this Browns tailgating box truck has seen in its lifetime. It’s a 1997, so it’s been around for 20 different starting quarterbacks. This box truck was born and the Browns didn’t even exist. It was still being broken in around 1999 when the franchise returned with a 2-14 season. It has been around for 14 losing seasons. It’s seen one playoff game. 8 coaches have come and gone since it was a young gun in the shipping industry.

It’s time to find a new home. Maybe a new team. This box truck is officially a free agent. His owner is done. The dream of driving this sad box truck to a home playoff game is over.

According to the seller:

Previously bought this truck in 2012 and use it strictly for Tailgating at the browns games and camping. Everything works and drives good. All lights and blinkers work. Defrost works, No a/c. Sliding door between the box and the cab. Ramp pulls out of the bottom for easy loading and unloading. Lights in the box work also. Coming out of the driver side of the box is a male cord that is connected to 4 square box and quad receptacles inside the box. From the 4 square the L.E.D. string lights are connected and controlled by a switch that is mounted right above the cab. The idea is that you can have power inside the box if you use it for camping while conveniently plugging the male end of the cord to a generator that would be away from the vehicle somewhere. Put a lot of work in this truck. Definitely is great to have a drive around IF you are a browns fan! Could also be used for a business or hauling large items. Getting out of the tailgating scene and have no longer use for this. Very unique truck. Price is negotiable seeing as I want to get rid of it ASAP. Thanks for looking!

Tears. I’m literally crying. Not that I’m sad. I’m crying laughing.

And you wonder why the locals call it the Factory of Sadness. $4,000 OBO gets you this sadness and you can start to build your own sad stories to tell future generations.

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