Marcin Gortat Fires Back at Twitter Troll With Mama Joke

While America freaked out over college basketball spreads Thursday, Wizards center Marcin Gortat was dealing with something else — a flop fine from the NBA.

5k!!!??? Damnnnn…. 😩😩 got that win!!! Thats all I care about!!

— Marcin Gortat (@MGortat) March 19, 2015

The flop in question:

As someone who watches the Clippers every night, that honestly doesn’t seem that bad.

Regardless, the Twitter trolls came out to trash on Marcin as he lamented over his fine. Huge mistake. Because Marcin wasn’t about to have some keyboard warrior call him a flopper without getting a word in:

@FanDuelRoyal ur mama was weak last night😂

— Marcin Gortat (@MGortat) March 19, 2015

Just when you thought mama jokes were out, Marcin brings them back!

@MGortat Damn dude no chill 😢

— FanduelLineups Royal (@FanDuelRoyal) March 19, 2015