Ashley Judd Brought Her Dog To The Hampton-Kentucky Game

Here I didn’t think people were allowed to bring dogs to the NCAA Tournament. That rule, it seems, doesn’t apply to Ashley Judd. Shug is her registered “psychological support” dog, according to a 2012 interview with ABC. Maybe the Yum Center has some sort of rule that these registered dogs are allowed. Maybe Shug is classified as a service animal.

Look, if you need a psychological support dog for a first round game against Hampton there might be some serious things going on in your head.


So Ashley Judd had her friend hold her dog in her lap the whole time during the game. Who brings their dog?

— tgh3316 (@tgh3316) March 20, 2015

And Ashley took a photo of her friend holding Shug because that helps Ashley’s psychological issues — I guess.



Now you try bringing a “psychological support” dog to a basketball game. Good luck with that one.





@AshleyJudd arrives @kfc_yumcenter with her dog in time for the start of the second half of the UK game. @840WHAS

— Will Clark (@WClark840WHAS) March 20, 2015