Win McMurry In The Caribbean, Matt Leinart Spring Break & Zack Holgerson

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Oh, so Wisconsin is going to give Kentucky a game in the Final Four. I’m laughing. Arizona will beat them? I’m laughing. Maryland will play them tough for 3.5 quarters…I’m laughing. This tournament is over. Your school is playing for runner-up. Now, I would like to address the committee giving Dayton a home game with a play-in game. Dayton fans are pissed that they were slighted with a play-in game. I see this differently. They should be jacked to get another game. You’re telling me Dayton gets St. Patrick’s Day and a home tournament game all during the same week? I smell trouble on the UD campus.

March Madness/Vegas

Vegas insiders are looking at Buffalo as the dog to put your money on. Also keep an eye on Eastern Washington over Georgetown.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Big Vegas disagreements with Committee – Double Digit seeds favored: #11 Texas -1.5 ov #6 Butler. #10 Ohio St -2.5 ov #7 VCU