Kelly Hall's Bachelorette Party Seemed Fun

We’ve finally arrived at the bachelorette stage of the Kelly Hall and Matthew Stafford wedding extravaganza. These two have been going through the wedding preparation stage for what seems like two years. Now we’re close to the climax. The wedding day is April 4.
Sooooo…Kelly Hall and a bunch of her girlfriends destroyed Vegas this weekend as one final blowout before Kelly gets a wedding band from Staffs. In true Hall fashion, she went hard in Vegas. Hell, they might still be there. Photos are still trickling in of the festivities at Wet Republic and various other Vegas hotspots.
Not invited to the wedding, but thinking of getting the couple a gift? There are 10 items left on the wedding registry.
Not familiar with Kelly Hall? She’s only one of the coolest NFL wives out there. Seriously, name another wife or girlfriend in sports who will confront a Detroit radio station to say that she paid for her own implants. Kelly event went and got herself a nursing degree while her live-in boyfriend was signing one of the biggest contracts in NFL history.
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