Brandon Knight's Career Is Quickly Being Defined By Stuff Like This

Poor Brandon Knight. The third year pro from Kentucky has put up some decent numbers throughout his career, averaging 15.3 ppg and 4.5 apg. He also has a nice looking, gentle face. Overall, Knight is a talented player and seems to be a genuine guy. Despite that solid production and nice demeanor, Knight is currently on his third NBA team. And unfortunately, Knight’s career is quickly being defined by a number of plays that he definitely wants to forget. Last night, JR Smith added another one to the list.
Knight’s Suns stumbled JR’s Cavs, 89-79.
While this play wasn’t as bad as the infamous “Death of Brandon Knight” play back in 2013, it does serve as another piece of the Brandon Knight story- the story of an under-appreciated point guard who will most likely be remembered by a few humiliating moments- and the memes that came with them.
I mean, it’s never a good sign for an athlete when someone updates your Wikipedia page to say that you’re dead. Never.

It’s also never a good sign when you show up in Youtube compilations titled “the unluckiest player in the NBA” or “Most Disrespectful Embarrassing Plays in NBA History.”
Poor, poor Brandon Knight. Keep your head up, man.
pic via Big Lead

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