KHL Refs Don’t Fall For Dive In KHL Playoffs


Chad Kolarik is an old (29) hockey vet who knows what it means during the playoffs to grab any advantage you can during a big game. That’s Kolarik this week in the KHL Playoffs going into acting mode when big┬áNikolai Antropov went stick butt tap to the stomach. Antropov is an even older hockey vet (35) who has 788 NHL games on his resume. He’s a goal scorer who isn’t looking to nut shot a guy down 2-0 in a playoff game.

Of course Kolarik is going to act like he just took the worst nut shot in the history of the KHL.

The refs weren’t buying the acting job.

Avangard, Kolarik’s team, eventually won 4-3 to tie the series at 2-2.