Sharks Laugh At Derek Dorsett For Trying To Fight John Scott


Let’s pretend you know nothing about the NHL. There’s this bad dude who plays for the Sharks named John Scott. Trust me, he’s a bad dude when it comes time to drop his gloves. Derek Dorsett from the Vancouver Canucks thought it would be a good idea Tuesday night to fight Big John. Luckily, Derek skated away. It’s not like Dorsett can’t fight — he has 13 this season. It’s just that he’s 5-11, 175 going against a guy who is 6-8, 270 (when he’s laying off the draft beer).

It’s not really fair.

That’s why you have Canucks laughing on the bench. It’s comical. John only has three fights this year because he’s usually suspended or nobody will fight him. His other two fights this year came in the same game on October 26. Here’s what happened that night. And the second fight.

Now, you will have hockey nerds who will say John Scott is the last of the NHL goons playing the game. You’ll hear them say that the bench has to push John to a fight because he can’t skate. John will eventually fade away because the NHL fighter is a dying job. For the time being we have night’s like Tuesday when Derek Dorsett tries to go and gets laughed at. Just don’t bother Big John and he’ll be gone in a month or so.


Poor Dorsett. That fight with John Scott was a little sad. Reminded me of Brendan Smith attempting to mess with Chara.

— ☀ ན༠༩། ☀ (@Brn_girl97) March 4, 2015



That was the saddest fight I’ve ever seen. John Scott was actually laughing at Dorsett for picking that fight.

— Canucks Misconduct (@nucksmisconduct) March 4, 2015