Vince Wilfork Showing Off His Sneaky Ninja Moves

Vince Wilfork and his wife, Bianca, continue to be the best under-the-radar couple out there.

After a morning spent successfully fishing, Bianca took to the Instagram yet again to share a sweet moment of Vince pulling some shenanigans with a railing. I’ll allow Bianca to tell the story:

I swear on everything if I woulda had my camera ready when he went through the first time that would’ve been the funniest sh-t ever because to get over there he went through the small square up front. I had tears rolling down my face I thought he was gonna get stuck … I’m still crying laughing I can’t make this sh-t up if I tried. I made it brighter so you can see his eyes. Trying to see if anyone was watching he didn’t see me until it was too late

Didn’t cross my mind even once that Vince might get stuck.

Okay, I lied. I definitely thought that’s what was going to happen here. But Vince faces tougher challenges in the trenches during the season, so it’s not totally shocking that he possesses some finesse moves.