Rick’s Cabaret Dancers Congratulate Bushwhackers on WWE Hall Of Fame Induction



Luke Williams of the Bushwhackers is now 68 years old and has finally reached the summit of the WWE with his old wrestling pal Butch Miller, 70. They’re going into the Hall. The pinnacle. Where the legends go to be remembered.

Rick’s media team sent word this morning that Luke couldn’t be happier with this news that Vince has put a cap on the duo’s career.

The Bushwhackers will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 28th. The tag-team duo have some of the most beautiful fans anywhere: the exotic dancers at the famous Rick’s Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club.

“We couldn’t be happier,” exclaimed Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Raquel. “Luke and Butch were awesome and they definitely belong in the Hall of Fame after giving us all so many years of entertainment. Congratulations.”

“I love the Bushwhackers,” purred Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Belinda. “They made me laugh when I was a kid watching TV, and I think Luke is cute!”

Rick’s Cabaret NYC girl Monica added, “There are celebrities and athletes all the time at Rick’s Cabaret. One of my favorite nights was when Luke came in and I watched a couple of Wall Street guys in their custom made suits act just like big kids wanting to meet Luke and get his autograph!”

Growing up, I had no idea about New Zealand besides what I learned from the Bushwhackers. I just thought everyone from that country threw their arms in the arm when they talked. And I just figured these people always screamed like maniacs. That’s what wrestling was about in those days — it taught us kids about geography and how to be tolerant or intolerant of different nationalities (I’m think of the Bolsheviks).

WWE Network will air the induction ceremony live on March 28. Don’t have the WWE Network? USA Network will air a special one-hour ceremony highlight show on March 30. 

[Rick’s Cabaret – NYC]


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