Gerald Green Pulls Off Nasty Between-The-Legs Dunk in Socks


In need of further proof that Suns forward Gerald Green should be an annual dunk contest participant alongside Zach LaVine? Then here you go.

Shown above is Green nonchalantly boasting his ups with a between-the-legs hammer with no run-up at all. Dude literally just walks up to the basket and blasts off like he’s goddamn Iron Man. Oh, and he isn’t even wearing shoes—because ankle support is so #basic.

Unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect Green to be doing any more dunk contests. He told SB Nation last week:

I don’t want to be remembered for dunks, even though that will probably happen. Hopefully I can win a ring before it’s all said and done. Hopefully they’ll remember me as being a champion.

Interesting stance for a guy who just had his sick sock dunk posted on Instagram.


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