Derek Jeter At Lexus While Spring Training Gets Started


Remember how in awe everyone was over the goofy Gatorade commercial that tried to make Derek Jeter look like a common man who walked amongst the Bronx schlubs to say “thanks” for all the support over the years? AdWeek called it an “epic farewell.”¬†USA Today said the commercial was an ode to New York. Sporting News said the commercial “will give Yankees fans¬†chills.” And on…and on…and on.

I’m kinda thinking this photo taken on Tuesday of Jeter walking out of Lexus with an unidentified woman (looks like his girlfriend Hannah Davis) is more authentic. Just walking back into the sun where he’ll face the fact that it’s the Grapefruit League Opening Day and the Yankees were playing the Phillies in Clearwater. Cue the Sinatra. Jeter in his element.

This is the first time Jeter hasn’t gone to Yankees Spring Training since 1993. Here’s what he looked like in that camp at 18.

Now, 22 years later, Jeter is spending part of his Tuesday at a Lexus dealer actually being a human and not some dumb Gatorade superstar. There goes your hero, Yankees fan, off to get a smoothie or grab some kale or do whatever men do when they leave the game.

Never forget: