Buy This Insane Northern Illinois Tailgating Ambulance — $15,000

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Looking to burst onto the tailgating scene but don’t want to risk your life in some 1980s bus? If that’s you, we have the perfect alternative option: an ambulance.

Currently on sale on Craigslist is a decked out Northern Illinois University ambulance loaded with decals, satellite system, and custom interior. The best part is even if you’re not an NIU fan, this can still work for you.

Notes from the seller:

1998 Ford E 350 Diesel Excellent shape. I have owned this for five years and put on about 10,000 miles without a problem.

New tires and battery’s, this runs and looks great.

All decals can be easily removed in about 30 minutes, seller will remove all decals if needed. Back end totally re done, Aluminum diamond plate interior thru out, new black upholstery, black and red floor tile. Has a 32 inch flip down flat screen TV , automatic satellite system that takes minutes to set up and locate signal . Generac 2000 watt generator that plugs in the outside of the Fanbulance and will run everything that you need off the plugs inside the Fanbulance. Attached awning system that will go around about ½ of the Fanbulance. Special made cargo carrier and diamond plate table. Unit also comes with all tailgating chairs and tables. This is a complete unit ready to go and can be customized for any Pro or College team. 

350,000 miles, this was a transport ambulance so it seems to have never been driven hard

Now, the one drawback, if you’re a real stickler who plans on removing the NIU decals, is the black and red tile floor. If you don’t support a team/college like SDSU, the Atlanta Falcons, Texas Tech, Louisville, etc., it could look out of place if the exterior is pro-Packer (or any non-red/black team). But hey, that’s just a first world problem you’ll have to deal with.

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