Ronda Rousey Destroyed Cat Zingano In 14 Seconds Last Night At UFC 184
That vine just shows the submission, but I’m only putting that up because the rest of the fight was only 8 seconds before that happened. No point to show the rest. You come at Rousey with whatever that flying knee kick was and she’s going to immediately reverse it into an arm bar.
I am so glad I didn’t buy this fight last night. I wasn’t really considering it in the first place because we knew Rousey would most likely win, but I’m glad I didn’t really consider it. I would’ve been PISSED. Sure, you had the under cards, but a 14 second main event is obviously not worth it. It probably takes longer to literally burn $60 than that fight lasted.
Anyways, back to the fight. Ronda Rousey is an absolute monster, and she’s hot which makes it even more awesome. We’ve gotten to the point with her where people are wondering what to do next because she’s too dominant. It’s like how Tyson was at one point and Jordan in the 90’s. She’s obviously no where near that level of national attention, but when it comes to beating everyone that comes in your path, she’s comparable.

Watch For The Spinning Elbow…LOOK OUT…Too Late Corrin Eaton
Watch For The Spinning Elbow…LOOK OUT…Too Late Corrin Eaton
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