Watch For The Spinning Elbow…LOOK OUT…Too Late Corrin Eaton



As you guys already know, it has to be a special kind of MMA knockout for me to waste your time with MMA knockouts. You know the drill with MMA: too many fights, too many bros you don’t know, too many fight videos to watch because there are too many fights.

That makes what Theo Michailidis did to Corrin Eaton in this past Saturday’s British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts 9 match all the more interesting. That spinning elbow is actually worth posting. It’s rare.

I have no idea how you MMA bros can keep track of this sport. There are literally 10,000 fights per weekend around the world. I need my sport to have like 10 games on a Sunday and then I can decompress for six days before caring again. Not you MMA bros.


I’m going to spinning elbow your arse, bro:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.29.21 AM

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