Montrezl Harrell Is A Mean Person

Probably the most intimidating player in all of college basketball, Montrezl Harrell checks in at 6’8 inches tall and 240 pounds. He also as dreads.
Harrell doesn’t look like a college kid, and quite honestly it’s not fair that he’s playing with them.
Today, Harrell proved once again why it’s really really unsafe for him to be playing on the same court as scrawny little white kids. Case and point:
Poor, poor Robbie Berwick. Little Robbie never stood a chance. Why did he challenge Montrezl?
I’ll be honest- I know the feeling. I got dunked on in high school. It’s weird, because you can’t really see what happens. You sort of just feel the guy put his balls in your face and hear the sound of the rim shaking. Then come the oohs and ahhs from the crowd, and it all becomes clear. You just looked like an absolute fool and will be reminded of that for the next few months.┬áIt’s not a pretty feeling and I wouldn’t recommend getting dunked on to anyone.

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Check Out This Dent In Russell Westbrook's Face
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