Greg Oden Was At Benihana When Derrick Rose News Broke



Now, I know there will be a backlash from the “who cares?” community over that headline. There will be a huge segment of the BC Twitter community who will kill me for a Greg Oden at Benihana post while referencing the news that Derrick Rose’s knee is shredded – again.

But…who was the first name that fans referenced when the news dropped? Greg Oden. Twitter search says so.

It only makes sense to take a look at what happens to a career cut short by knee injuries. G.O. is 27; Derrick Rose is 26. One minute you go from being the #1 overall or the NBA MVP, to chilling next to some dorky dude at a Columbus Benihana on a Tuesday night while the chef spells script Ohio with the rice.

That’s what happens when the body just won’t let you do it anymore. You’re humbled into nights out with dorky white dudes who get joy out of the rice on the hibachi.

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