Manziel's Sister Takes Shot At BC

It seems Johnny Manziel’s sister is mad at a post from James the Assistant last night that mentioned how JFF will reenter the post-rehab world to a girlfriend who likes to party. The premise of the post is whether Colleen Crowley will deep six the rehab work that Manziel has put in over the last month.
James wrote:

Obviously all of this sounds excellent, but Manziel’s going to have to leave that controlled environment of rehab and face the same temptations that plagued his rookie year all over again.
This begs the question: Does Johnny have it in him to cut the cord with potentially hazardous influences in his life? And could his girlfriend Colleen Crowley be one of those sources?

Crowley posted a video Monday night where she’s with Meri Manziel and working on wine at a Philadelphia restaurant, just LOLing at life.
It’s understandable that John’ sister would drop a “mind your own business,” on us. It’s a natural reaction to protect her bubby. It’s also a natural reaction to wonder how a guy will handle having a girlfriend who likes to party once he leaves rehab. It’s a legit question.
Kisses bae.

Will Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Ruin His Rehab Work?
Will Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Ruin His Rehab Work?
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