Will Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Ruin His Rehab Work?

It’s been almost a month since Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel entered rehab in an attempt to quell his partying ways, and by all accounts, things are going well.
Last week, head coach Mike Pettine announced that he had visited Manziel, stating, “He’s in a much better place now than before he went in.” While Manziel’s former quarterback coach, George Whitfield Jr., told the Akron Beacon Journal on Monday that he’s not counting out a successful comeback:

“The first step is him,” Whitfield said. “He’s rewiring himself. He’s standing back up, and once you do that, then you can run and do other things with your career and the things that you love to do. And, yes, he’s capable. People have seen that. That’s well-documented. It’s hard to go be spectacular with the helmet on when day in and day out, you’re struggling with it off. And he’s tackling that, so I’m excited for it.

Obviously all of this sounds excellent, but Manziel’s going to have to leave that controlled environment of rehab and face the same temptations that plagued his rookie year all over again.
This begs the question: Does Johnny have it in him to cut the cord with potentially hazardous influences in his life? And could his girlfriend Colleen Crowley be one of those sources?
Take a gander through her Instagram and it won’t be long until you find videos of her shotgunning beers and partying hard.
[protected-iframe id=”aacd8dc534c836facf98730b41f95604-22577676-53282995″ info=”http://instagram.com/p/sGG1sRlA8P/embed/” width=”500″ height=”598″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Back when Johnny was in college, it definitely looked like two kids from Texas colleges just going all out and doing their thing while they can. But now we have a guy attempting to make a drastic change in his life with an outside world filled with potential triggers that could send him back into a downward spiral.
Who knows, maybe Crowley’s already made a lifestyle change for Manziel and this is just a bunch of speculative nonsense. As you can see above, she’s even hanging with Johnny’s sister, Meri, bonding over dinner and wine.
Or we have a guy eventually leaving rehab into the arms of his socialite girlfriend, who is tight with another socialite that happens to also be a party director in @YesJulz.

[coll_crowley- IG]

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